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Nebula level09 write-up

In Level09 we are given the following PHP code and are said that it is execute with a SUID wrapper: function spam($email) { $email = preg_replace("/\./", " dot ", $email); $email = preg_replace("/@/", " AT ", $email); return $email; } function markup($filename, $use_me) { $contents = file_get_contents($filename); $contents = preg_replace("/(\[email (.*)\])/e", "spam(\"\\2\")", $contents); $contents = preg_replace("/\[/", "<", $contents); $contents = preg_replace("/\]/", ">", $contents); return $contents; } $output = markup($argv[1], $argv[2]); print $output; This code takes two arguments, the first one is a file containing email address in the format: