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Nebula level12 write-up

In Level12 we are given the following code: local socket = require("socket") local server = assert(socket.bind("", 50001)) function hash(password) prog = io.popen("echo "..password.." | sha1sum", "r") data = prog:read("*all") prog:close() data = string.sub(data, 1, 40) return data end while 1 do local client = server:accept() client:send("Password: ") client:settimeout(60) local line, err = client:receive() if not err then print("trying " .. line) -- log from where ;\ local h = hash(line) if h ~= "4754a4f4bd5787accd33de887b9250a0691dd198" then client:send("Better luck next time\n"); else client:send("Congrats, your token is 413**CARRIER LOST**\n") end end client:close() end We have a command injection as the password variable can be controlled by the user and it is used to create a command that will be run in the system.