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More on XStream RCE: SpringMVC WS

Continuing my previous post where I mentioned that the XStream RCE issue issue also affected SpringMVC RESTful WebServices using the XStream SpringOXM wrapper, I wanted to share a POC server. The code is quite simple and can be found in the XStreamServer GitHub Repo. It contains a WebService defined by the ContactController: @Controller @RequestMapping("/contacts") public class ContactController { @Autowired private ContactRepository contactRepository; @RequestMapping( value = "/{id}", method = RequestMethod.GET ) @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.

RCE via XStream object deserialization

When researching SpringMVC RESTful APIs and their XXE vulnerabilities I found that XStream was not vulnerable to XXE because it ignored the <DOCTYPE /> blocks. Curious about it I decided to took a deeper look at XStream and found out that its not just a simple marshalling library as JAXB but a much more powerful serializing library capable of serializing to an XML representation really complex types and not just POJOs.