Holidays are here! But John still hasn’t decided where to spend them and time is running out: flights are overbooked and prices are rising every second. Fortunately, John just discovered a website where he can book last second flight to all the European capitals; however, there’s no time to waste, so he just grabs his suitcase and thanks to his new smartphone he looks the city of his choice up while rushing to the airport. There he goes! Flight is booked so… hauskaa lomaa! We are presented with a web that allows us to search for European capitals. It does seem injectable and theres nothing weird. The website returns a random number of flights with their costs in EURs and nothing else.

After losing a lot of time with this one, we re-read the challange description once again and wondered about hauskaa lomaa. It turns out it means Happy vacations in Finish. So we checked flights to Helsinki and finally something out of the ordinary: the price was in px (pixels?) and there where always 6 results:

After having a look at the source code we realize that it contains a responsive UI and that the result table contains special classes:

After loading the page on a device emulator with any of those widths, we get a QR:

Flag is: flag{run_to_the_hills_run_for_your_life}